We get it – adulting is hard. If you’re not slaving away at your 9-5, you’re stuck in traffic or checking off tasks on your to-do list like a boss. At the end of the day, you want nothing more than to just go home and plop on the couch. The trouble is, well, you and your family kinda need to eat sometime. Instead of worrying about what’s for dinner (or worse – settling for subpar food on the way home), try Mayana’s Family Dinner!

Whether you’re grabbing a delicious dinner for your family or friends, our Family Dinner is big enough to feed 4 to 5 people. Our dinner includes your choice of protein, rice, beans, 5 custom toppings, and, of course, Hacienda’s famous tortilla chips, all hot and fresh for $39. No more scrambling ingredients together to create a meh-worthy meal or grabbing another lame meal out. We give you what you want without the stress or the mess!

So what do you have to do to enjoy Mayana’s amazing Family Dinner? Just step in to our kitchen and tell us what you really, really want. We’ll have your dinner ready in minutes. It’s like fast food except, you know, a whole lot better.

Don’t feel like getting out of your car? Stay put and take advantage of our curbside delivery. Just call us up or order online, park in the designated Mayana space at the rear of the building, and we’ll bring your dinner right out to you.

Oh, and don’t forget about dessert. Nosh on our delicious sopapillas, manifesto cookies, or blondies. Trust us – there’s always room for Mayana’s treats.

Ready to take dinner back? Start your order right now by visiting MayanaMex.com/family-dinner or call us at (314) 833-8200.