Stop what you’re doing and break out the calendar. Flip to February 24 (it’s a Saturday!). Do you know what day it is? Did you say “National Tortilla Chip Day”? If so, then you would be correct!

Unlike nearly every other day in February, the 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day alone. It’s such an epic holiday that it doesn’t even need to share that 24-hour time frame with any other events or celebrations, and rightfully so. For where would we even be without those crispy, tantalizing tortilla chips in our lives? Someplace nowhere near as heavenly, that’s where.

The history of the tortilla chip is a little muddled. Some say that Rebecca Webb Carranza, owner of the El Zarape Tortilla Factory in Los Angeles in the 1940s, concocted the idea of frying and serving the misshapen and tortillas that her machines occasionally produced. Still others argue that Jose Martinez, owner of the Tamalina Milling Company, was the first to produce masa, a creation of ground corn and water, which led to the emergence of the tortilla chip.

Really, we don’t necessarily care how or when the tortilla chip was created – we’re just grateful that someone created this ever-popular snack somehow!

While you could go to the store and grab a boring bag of tortilla chips to mindlessly munch on, why not go the extra mile and really celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day? Get over to Mayana Mexican Kitchen and savor what real tortilla chips are when you order Hacienda’s world-famous chips. Better yet, try our Macho Nachos – our homemade flour tortilla chips are loaded with your choice of toppings. Sounds like a dream, right? We thought so. See you then!