Have you ever wished for a way to get more fruit in your life without giving up that delicious meaty texture and heartiness? Are you trying to become a vegetarian or vegan but find yourself struggling hardcore with saying goodbye to animal protein? If this sounds like you, we would love to introduce you to our newest friend at Mayana – the jackfruit!

We know, it sounds like we tried to hastily name an imaginary fruit, but the jackfruit is real, and you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it this year! Originating from Southern India thousands of years ago, the jackfruit is now widely cultivated in tropical regions like Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and Australia. It can be found growing on trees (called jackfruit trees, of course), and they can grow to be 50 pounds or more!

There’s really no wrong way to eat jackfruit either. Young or ripe, this fruit is seen as a high-fiber meat alternative (or complement!). Low in calories, jackfruit is chockfull of iron, potassium, calcium, fiber, and a ton of other essential vitamins and minerals. Oh, and did we mention that it pretty much looks exactly like delicious pulled pork? With its meaty look, texture, and heartiness, you’ll swear that meat really does grow on trees!

So why is jackfruit so darn great? Aside from looking and tasting very similar to meat, it’s super versatile. Use it to make amazing faux pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, curry, omelets, chili, and much more. Jackfruit in the morning, jackfruit in the evening, jackfruit at suppertime – you can literally eat and enjoy this fruit at any time of the day. Besides its versatility, jackfruit can help you stay fuller longer and prevent any hangry outbursts!

Did you know that we’ve got an amazing new jackfruit option for you to try? Marinated in chili, onion, garlic, cumin, and coriander then sautéed to perfection, you’re bound to love this meatless, hearty meal! Come in and get in line to try it for yourself or check out our menu online and order it (it’s too darn cold out there anyway!).